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Seeing The Dream Webinar REplay

You have to see the dream to build the dream! Last night I shared inspiration to help you jump start planning your greatness. God wants to give you the secret to solve problems and to create inventions to share with the world. Are you ready to build your dreams? Let's team up with God and make it happen in 2020. In case you missed it, you can download the notes, listen to the audio or watch the webinar replay with Dr. Janis Modeste, Your Inspirational Coach and Strategist.

How to Attract Soul Abundance

Join us for our Refocus 21 fasting check-in session. Dr. Janis discusses how we soul prosperity brings abundance into our lives. Listen and be inspired!

Your Voice Is Powerful

Your voice is powerful. Dr. Janis shares tips on speaking over your dreams and creating a brand new future even though your dream may have appeared dead in the past. What have you been speaking over your dreams? Learn how affirmations- your voice- bring your dreams alive!!

Unleash the Power Within through fasting

Jesus told his disciples that they were lacking the power to achieve great things because they did not tap into the power of fasting. Learn more as Dr. Janis shares easy tips and biblical strategies to walk in power to achieve your goals and dreams.

The Power of ASKING!

Tune in as Dr. Janis shares biblical principals on the power of asking "You do not have because you do not ask" (James 4:2). Could that be the reason you have not attained that big dream yet? Find out more about how to increase your ask. The bigger the ASK, the bigger the blessing!!

Your Promotion- Let Them Talk!

Did you know that when others try to set you up, God uses those opportunities to set YOU up? Listen in as Dr. Janis shares biblical strategies on how to prepare for promotion in the midst of conflict.

Your Harvest, PART 2- Look! Your Results Are HERE!!!

Part 2 of preparing to enjoy your harvest. It's here. Do you see it. Let's get to living in the abundance God has prepared for you in this season.

Your Harvest PART- Look! Your Results Are HERE!!!

God created the seasons so we can work and enjoy the results. Don't bypass the fruit of your labor- It's Harvest Time!!

Stand In Your Greatness!

Rise up and stand in your greatness. This is your harvest season! Find out what mind set shifts you need to adapt to watch the seeds you've already planted, MANIFEST! Listen up as Dr. Janis shares inspiration from The Source.

God Is Determined To Do You Good!

It's one thing when we try to determine our purpose in life. But it is even more powerful when we realize God's purpose for our lives and that it is GOOD!


Let's talk about being PURPOSED in your goals and in your God-Ordained Destiny! It's not just about the long term dream. It's about being purposed today, for your goals today, that will reap you the rewards for tomorrow. Are you purposed in your mind to succeed and win today?

Believe You Can!!!

Amazing miracles happen when we Not only believe that God Can but when we believe that God Has!!! Join Dr. Janis as she inspires you to increase your believe to increase the manifestations of your dreams.

You were meant for Greatness!!

Here's a reminder from Jesus that "Greater things YOU will do"! Yes YOU!! Tune in as Dr. Janis shares Biblical truths to inspire you to be all that God has destined you to be.

Abundance Is In Your Future, Part 1

Abundance is the fruit of walking in your purpose. Get more insight as Dr. Janis shares keys to living and walking into the purpose you were created for.

Step 5- The Right Mindset

You're included when Jesus said, "You will do greater!" Dr. Janis shares how we exclude ourselves from experiencing God's best because of our mindset.

Confront Your Fears

To step into your greatness, we must confront the internal and external dreamblockers from our lives. Get a mindset shift with this teaching from Dr. Janis Modeste and get help to make that first step.

Gather Your Team

From the series, "Step Into Your Greatness", Dr. Janis shares the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people. Don't be afraid to walk away from a room of naysayers or find a new group of friends.

Take A Step

Don't let fear or uncertainty keep you from your destiny. Listen in as Dr. Janis shares mindset shifts from mighty men and women of God who shaked their world. It's your turn. Tune it.

Step Into Greatness Introduction

Wherever you may find yourself today, God wants to bring you into the Greater. Jesus said, "Greater things will YOU do.." Listen as Dr. Janis shares biblical success principles on moving your relationships, health, finances- to another level.

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