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Success For Your Student - Back To School Edition

Help your students win this school year emotionally, mentally and academically? How? Dr. Janis shares tips and strategies that are easy for parents to implement to pre...

Empowered To Prosper w/ Fasting

Join Clestine the purpose coach and I as we share out how to prosper within and in your business. 

Get Your Hopes Up!

Get your hopes up high. Keep believing for bigger. Get more info at www.JanisModeste.com

Believe Bigger-Using The Word

Build up your confidence to believe God for BIGGER. What mindsets shifts is needed? Listen as Dr. janis inspires you to turn those little victories into big wins.

ONLY Believe

Believe God for Bigger. Listen as Dr. Janis inspires you to go from where you are and step into Bigger! For the 21-Day Only Believe Challenge, go to www.JanisModeste.com

Breakthrough To Abundance

This Passover season, expect your miracle. Get mindset shifts to speak to your "Red Sea" and manifest your miracle.

POWER OF FASTING w/Tea With Pastor Keri

Let's talk about the POWER OF FASTING for clarity in your goals and focus on your passion.

Speak To Your Storm

Speak to your storm!!! Jesus did not allow the storm to batter and bruise Him. He told it to STOP! It had to obey Him. Your storm must obey YOU!!! Tune in tonight and ...

Value Your Vision

From the Series: Manifest your vision. Get mindset shifts about how valuable your vision is to you and those you are called to serve. Get more resources at www.PlanMyG...

Strategies For Setting Smart Goals

What caused you to miss your goals last year? Could it be your planning strategy? Dr. Janis shares Biblical success strategies to help you plan your year of greatness.

REPLAY of Check-In Thursday Refocus21 Fasting

This week we are checking in via Zoom with our participants and chatting about our Health Goals. We also talk about renewing our minds so that our Spirit man becomes ...

RESET! With Pastor Julie

What is the #1 reset strategy for your goals and dreams? The power of fasting for clarity and insight. Our guest speaker, Pastor Julie Rhymer shares practical tips and...

Mindset For Manifesting Greatness

In this season, get clarity and insight into the Greatness that God wants to manifest through your life. Follow the life of Christ and get lessons learned on how to sh...

No Deal

God is with you and you prosper in all you do. Anything less, tell the enemy, NO DEAL.

From Pain Two Purpose, Part 1

God wants to take your disappointments and failures and use them for your success. What the enemy meant to take you down, God will use to take you up!

Part 2, It's Your Elevation Day

Get mindset shifts on how to use today's struggle as your stepping stone to your next victory. Get more resources at www.JanisModeste.com

Expect God's Goodness

In the midst of your day, God wants to stop by to say, "I have goodness in store for you today".

It's Your Elevation Day, Part 1

Get mindset shifts on how to use today's struggle as your stepping stone to your next victory. Get more resources at www.JanisModeste.com

Do You Have The Blessing Mindset?

The right mindset determines whether or not you can and will walk in God's PLAN and His blessing path for your life. Do you have it? Take a listen as Dr. Janis shares ...

Under The Radar

Listen as the prophet taught this widow how to go under the radar and create generational wealth. Dr. Janis shares 7 mindset shifts this widow had to learn- and you ca...

Winning With God's Word

God has a specific plan for you to win in your specific situation. Get mindset shifts on how powerful men overcame and conquered. If God did it for them, He will do it...

Expect To Overcome

Storms of life comes to derail you from your destiny! Do you expect to overcome? Get mindset shifts from Mark chapter 4 as Jesus shares out with His disciples how to h...

Your Words, Your Miracles, Part 2

Get ready for your miracles to be manifested this Passover season- the season of New things!!

Your Words, Your Miracles, Part 1

Get ready for your miracles to be manifested this Passover season- the season of New things!!

The Mindset For Miracles In Your Life

Mindset shifts to receive the abundance that God has for your life. Dr.Janis also share affirmations that you can speak over yourself to attract abundance. Start speak...

Greatness Awaits On The Otherside

Listen as Dr. Janis shares 5 steps to crossing over from your place of complacency, into your place of GREATNESS! Follow for more inspiration on IG @dr.janismodeste or...

Part 2- Restored & Whole

Part 2- Restored And Whole- God wants to RESTORE all the years the enemy has stolen from you. Take a listen as we hear from the Prophet Joel (chapter 2) about how God ...

Part 1-Restored & Whole

Part 1- Restored And Whole- is God's plan for your year. Dr. Janis shares from Joel chapter 2 the mindset shifts God expects us to have to move in victory into the new...

Walk Empowered Guest Speaker

Listen in as one of our guest speakers at No Limits 2020 share out mindset shifts for success. 

Walk Empowered Part 1- Dr. Janis Modeste

Mindset shifts to Walk Empowered Into Your God-Ordained Destiny. This is a small excerpt from No Limits 2020 Women's Conference. The full lesson will be available shor...

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