Being a busy mom, wife, business professional and/or stay-at-home mom can take a toll on your life- just as most of you reading this page can relate. Janis has played all these roles and more throughout her past 20 years in ministry which began from a young age in her 'dad's church' in beautiful St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Over the years she has come to realize that as women, through all the busyness of life, God still  has a master plan for our lives.  As we go through different seasons of our lives, He still expects us to STAY on His divine plan of success for our lives.  

As a Master Educator & ordained minister, Janis has a passion to teach Biblical truths to help women get and STAY on the path to their God ordained destiny- their place of success.  Janis uses her proprietary Balance Approach System which includes, Fasting Journal-Refocus21, Strategy Networking virtual and live sessions, e-Newsletters, Live Events, Books & Magazines plus mentoring and coaching.

This approach teaches women using Biblical success strategies that inspire and propel them into living not only a life of success, but a life of significance.  God wants us successful in all areas-relationships (especially with God, family, friends & self), finances, emotional health, physical health, business.... every area that concerns you.  

Her educational background includes a Bachelors in Business Information Systems, Master of Special Education & Doctor of Education degrees.  Janis uses her education and passion to promote God's kingdom agenda which is found in John 10:10- "Yeshua (Jesus) has come that we may enjoy a rich and satisfying life". She is also a certified life coach through Divine Discipline coaching system.

She is the founder and president of The Master's Educational Foundation, Inc, a non-profit 501(c) organization which focuses on educating women and children- mind, spirit, body. She currently serves as a consultant to organizations in need of assistance for students with emotional and behavioral self-regulation needs. You can follow her organizations newsletter or podcast called, 'Parenting Podclass'.  

So join our team of women who are seeking God's wisdom and grace to not only succeed in life but to DOMINATE in all areas, just as God planned from the beginning.  

You've come to the right place.  Browse our site and be inspired!
Janis Modeste